Frequent Flyer Mileage Tracker and Flight Log App Reviews

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I love this app

This app organizes everything for me. I keep track of all my airlines all my car rentals all my travel dates everything when I travel. it's really a great app. in fact I even keep a list of what medicines I take on the App. very very useful very easy to use. I love this app. Just need to know how to back up this info.


Just worthless!!!

Worst. App. Ever.

This is a terribly disappointing purchase, and marks the only time I find myself publicly panning a product. I wish I had the good sense to heed the reviews of others before shelling out .99 for this total dog rocket. It provides an online connection to just two Airlines (American and Delta) and only one of those works at all Apple should pull this train wreck from the app store.

Totally worthless

Don't waste your money

This app is a sham! It is worthless!

Firstly, the app doesn't work even for the airline accounts. Secondly, you can't even download hotel points. Their write up is completely misleading. ITunes should remove this app for quality, misleading marketing, and refund all money to those who download it. People, it is a waste of your time. Dash is a sham-shop. They make 3rd rate apps that don't work...are embelished in their write-ups...and most importantly they don't work! Sincerely, Concerned citizen...technical individual...apt business person.


After manually adding all your flight info , mileage accumulations (you have to figure out), FF #s, it gives you a tally.... Kinda pointless to go through the headache when you can just login on a Airlines website and see it right there..


Absolutly unreasonable apl.don't spend even 0.99$

DO NOT BUY Do not Waste your Money!!!

Just does not work. If you have American Airlines Advantage Account and you want to logon to your account it NEVER WORKS. " There is a problem downloading airline data. Please try again later" This is all you are going to get for the money you paid. DO NOT BUY

Not very useful

Only tracks American and Delta automatically, and American doesn't work. Haven't tried my delta/northwest account yet, but I don't fly them more than a few times per year. I fly United all the time, but there's no support for that airline.


Not the kind of app I was expecting. I was able to retrieve the Delta SkyMiles, but I wasn't able to retrieve the American AAdvantage miles. Don't know why; I've done everything as I was supposed to. The mileage information it gives you is borderline useless: whatever happened to newly acquired miles, elite qualification miles, bonus miles, mileage summary, etc. I know this is a new app, but please... Wish I could return it and get my $0.99 back. Oh, and it's Delta "Air Lines," not "Airlines"!! I'm still hoping they'll improve it. We'll see what happens... But be cautions. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Great App!

Looking forward to next update where I can download my miles directly from airlines!


It doesn't do anything for you. It should gather your totals automatically and alert you when your miles are going to expire.

Not for the iPod Touch?

I downloaded this software from the iTunes store... Unfortunately, I didn't read that it was only for the iPhone. Why? I tried to contact the support page, that was another set of problems. I have been waiting a long time for an app like this... too bad I have to keep waiting.

Good app but....

As a frequent business travelor I really do like this app. Being able to keep my airline reward numbers in one place and reduce the load I have to carry is a huge thing for me. However, it would be much more convenient if they would include the ability to input hotel and rental car numbers as well.


I have waiting for an app like this. It is awsome, the ease of use an functionality is what i was looking for.

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